Quite simple and shiny


Honda GL-Pro can be like this? Oooouuuggghhhh very cool ... mengusung style mega honda Pro where the color contrast between the very top to the bottom of the mengusung concept elegant and captivating.
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SHOGUN new modifications


SHOGUN is a motorcycle that I like motorcycle robot .., but if you see more detail again the concept of motor SHOGUN I create these views, if minimalist, but it seems a little extreme.
Try you see the foot-feet from the motorcycle is look to see more sweet, especially with the touch of a full chrome, this concept I take with a little touch of photosop combined with foot-feet from honda supra, when practiced, but it is not directly possible match, but if you want to make you motor over easy as the concept only because it differs only in that the arms swing back and the shock front only, I just give a little insight or concept of how to modify the new SHOGUN that does not look like a motorcycle again robot.
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Change Knalpot Yamaha V-Ixion Must Settings CO

Create the Yamaha V-ixion, you may have to change exhaust. Besides the view is, there are also changes in energy. Now, change the channel of the input waste fuel and air is supplied to the fuel.
To manage them, can only be through the setting CO (carbon monoxide) through the ECU (electronic control unit) with the help of tools FI Diagnostic tool. This workshop held official.

From the factory, CO is set in the zero (0). Because there is a change in the form of exhaust, the gas fuel adjuster in range -30 to +30. "When the numbers increased or (+) increased from zero, more gas rich. Conversely, if derived (-), less gas.

Just info only, each increase of one number is adding fuel supply of 0.05 cc. Replace muffler racing, usually on the adjuster will lead to a setting-down more CO (-).
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Show time in the elegant streets


Which have eyes to see if that does not have a motorcycle that drift so cool minimalist and not shameful, sometimes I see the modifications that are not so fitting with the condition of the motorcycle even though their rights because the motorcycles that they have, but for more good if modify a motorcycle, motorcycles, see what you modified, it is worth do you apply that concept on your motorcycle?
Do not be too rash if you want to modify a motorcycle, and the most important things you should note how safe motorcycle modification results if you use the road.
Do not just run out of home modifications halt, can only be used for only a short distance ..
Try to see your photos on a motorcycle modification can be used for reference later on how the motorcycle you will be modified and I guarantee when you use all the eyes on the road sure is to the motorcycle you.
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A paper that is made because of the high price of a motorcycle honda tiger REVO


Believe do not believe this is the type of motorcycle honda tiger 2000 making 1995 the year the entire change in the view outside a honda tiger REVO output in 2008.
Motorcycle used for this purchase 12 million Rupiah and all the changes on the motor requires money as much as 6 million Rupiah.
Indeed, we modify the motorcycle with the purchase of our new prices are not too far, but the satisfaction is all that we are especially spirited young and we will be happy to modify the world, so they flee you think what you will do with motorcycles honda tiger you.
Specifications motorcycle behind this front velg use venom ring 17 that is in the chrome, the master behind the front kaliper yamaha RX-king, the whole foot-kai in chrome, exhaust HRP.
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Search for a concept


A motor output F1Z-RR 2002, in which the concept of modification have not found the right groove, so the owners are still upset that you have a motor like this will then be made how.
You may be able to give a solution or suggestion for a good motor for me next?

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